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Just Friends

Monique Johnson, a young and kindhearted woman, has been a good friend of Jamaine since early childhood. Throughout their lives, they have always remained friends, never going further. Unbeknownst to Monique and Jamaine, they both have developed feelings for each other, but have never explored them. Michelle, Jamaine’s fiancée, thinks Jamaine is having an affair with Monique. Because of this, she is eager to bed Jamaine despite the two of them vowing to wait until marriage.

Just Friends follows Monique and Jamaine as they skirt around their blossoming feelings for each other. Jamaine’s integrity will be put to the test as he begins to realize his true feelings for Monique, and as she begins to do the same. Further complicating matters, Jamaine’s mother wishes he was with Monique. Does Jamaine wish the same?

McPhee hopes his book will help readers realize the importance of having true friends and expressing oneself clearly, and teach them to respect their relationships by being truthful.